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This plugin will transform your quite boring textarea into a attractive textarea where your visitors are not limited to type only text, but add some markup onto it. How ? Well, Markitup is a universal markup jQuery editor, whichs hooks on each textarea on your website or just to a specific textarea specified by you and transforms the whole area, and you are ready to go! Lots of credits to the creator of this wonderful MarkItUp!

This plugin is based on the HTML set of Markitup which includes the following markups:

  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
  • Paragraph
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strike through
  • Ordered list, Unordered list and list items
  • Insert picture
  • Insert link

How do i make this work ?

Well, thats quite easy!
Just download this plugin, go to the plugins area within WP admin, choose “Add new”, choose “upload”, choose the zipped package, and choose “install”. Don’t forget to activate the plugin.
That’s all!

Dont change each textarea!

This Markitup plugin hooks on each single textarea on your website. This means even the textarea’s you dont want to hook on.
It’s possible to change this but you have to change a little piece of code….
Within the plugin directory, there is a php file namedMarkItUp.php“. This file contains a function named “MarkItUpFilesFooter“.
It looks like this:

function MarkItUpFilesFooter()
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function()	{

You can specify a specific textarea, the only thing you have to do, is change “$(‘textarea’)” into the id of your textarea. So if your textarea has the id comment (id=”comment”) you have to change it accordingly as shown below.

function MarkItUpFilesFooter()
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function()	{

All css files can be changed to your own dreams! Probably you have to! You can edit them through FTP or just the plugin editor within the WP admin area!
Do not put style modifications into the existing css files. Plugin updates will overwrite your changes. Modifications must be saved in another css file.

Version 1.0.1:

  • Added: Blockquote tag

For more information about other markitup sets or customized markup sets, please visit the official Markitup is a universal markup jQuery editor website
Markitup official website

You want to see how it works ? Just use the comments below!

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  1. tester says:

    How Cool!

    Alpine ProFX

  2. James says:

    Thanks for sharing. Now it is easier for users to format the comment text.

  3. Patung says:

    It seems to be missing the most important tag of all – blockquote.

  4. TheWriter says:

    Thats true, it has now been added :)

  5. ovidiu says:

    I got a problem here: it seems the plugin is not loading jquery via wp_enqeue so it loads jquery although it is already loaded thus breaking functionality on my site. could you maybe modify the plugin?
    meanwhile I’ll edit it and remove the jquery call…

  6. TheWriter says:

    It seems this plugin will work with a CDN copy of jQuery or just a 1 to 1 copy of the official file from the jQuery website. It just doesn’t work with the one brought by WP. Replaced the file from wp-includes and boem, it works fine. Thats probably why so many developers are putting a jQuery copy with their plugins. (I am not a jQuery expert).

    You have to find a solution yourself for including needed jQuery files. I cant say how you must do it, there are several solutions.
    For example, i did de-register the WP jQuery script and loaded another one.
    However, we will check your individual issue.

  7. Ronit says:

    Such a waste, you guys are good developers but when it comes to documentation you suck badly. I tried the same thing on latest WP and nothing is showing up. Thank you for wasting my precious 2 hours of no output. This Markitup sucks badly. Your documentation style is a big joke. No god dammn editor showing up despite following all the steps.

  8. KillerSneak says:

    Everything is working fine here and on And are you sure this is the way to ask for help? I suggest you tone it down a bit…

    How about dropping a plugins list you’re running along with the wp-version of your blog/site? And maybe a link to the site you’re having the problems with.

  9. gunju221 says:

    Hey Open Source, I am using your Great Markitup plugin, and it looks fantastic! Exactly what I am looking for.

    Although, I can’t seem to get the editor to appear, on any of my textareas. Simply just does not appear. I may be missing something, but what??

    And, It looks like this plugin could be breaking the wp-grins, which hooks clickable smilies above the comment texarea.

    My site is

    And a little sidenote..

    does this hook into buddypress forum textareas?

    And for the textareas on the comments, is there a way to remove the option for images, because posting direct images is not allowed markup on the comments, but it is allowed on bp forums. Is there a way to remove the option for the picture just on the comments?

    Thanks so much!

  10. TheWriter says:

    Hi there,

    Your issue can be fixed. Probably jQuery has a conflict with another version, which is probably included by another plugin.

    I will send you a email with some questions (Which plugins you use etc) this evening as i’m working right now. When my questions are answered we’ll have enough information to solve your issue!


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