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This plugin will provide you a new widget which shows the most discussed posts in a unordered list (<ul></ul>), based on comment count.

Widget options

  • Title
  • Amount of posts
  • Custom ul class
  • Custom li class
  • Post type (post, page, all, custom post types)

You can set a title for the widget, together with the amount of post titles you want to show. Besides that, you are able to set a custom ul class and a li class. If the ul or li class is empty, it will just parse a the regular html code without any classes at all.

How to use ?
Just install the plugin as you are used. Go to the admin panel and choose “Widgets” which you can find under “Appearance”. Put the widget into a sidebar and customize the settings!

Version: 1.1:

  • Fixed: Exclude trashed posts
  • Added: Selection for specific post types.

Version: 1.1.5:

  • Fixed: Show only post types with at least 1 post

Version: 1.5:

  • Added: Full support for custom post types
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Popular posts
Popular posts
Version: 1.5
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  1. Dennis Lenz says:

    nice plugin, thanks. Can you pramm it for show only arctile, page or other?
    Bye from germany

  2. TheWriter says:


    A option for post types are now added. You can choose between the standard WP types and additionally, custom post types!
    Hope this is what you had in mind….


  3. Exhelp says:

    When I add the widget to my site, no posts are shown.

  4. TheWriter says:

    Hi Exhelp,

    You must have comments on a certain post type. No comments, no posts are shown.

    Concerning the post types, they will be shown @ the widgets area, even if there are no posts in it. Thats my bad, needs to be updated but can’t harm anything, but can give you a empty widget.

  5. thanh says:

    thanks so much ! i will make a small donation for U

  6. Maddia says:

    hi, is there any way that the posts shown can be automatically changed each day?

  7. TheWriter says:

    Hi Maddia,

    This plugin works on comment count. So — a quick answer would be no.
    How more comments, how higher ranked.


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