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Wrap abbreviations for search engine optimization and support other applications with this useful plugin for WordPress.

Using abbreviations on your website is not a bad idea since people will get tired of reading the same long term over and over again.
Unfortunately, search engines and other application which might render your website are not that great with abbreviations.
Reading software, spelling checkers, language translations or other applications might fall over them.

For instance
You use the abbreviation WoW(World Of Warcraft) on a daily basis in your posts.

Yes – WoW is a popular game.

Search engines will see this abbreviation “WoW” and might rate your page as “not relevant” to World Of Warcraft. You’re readers will link WoW to World Of Warcraft – but application don’t – because they don’t know.

By wrapping abbreviations in the therefor “abbr” HTML element, along with a title(description), applications relying on the structure of your site, can do their job just fine.
This plugin for WordPress helps you out with that.

The “Abbreviations” page under the menu “Settings” shows an table where you can fill out your often used abbreviations like WoW or WHO along with their meanings. After you saved your list of abbreviations, this plugin will put an filter onto the WordPress content (posts/pages) and wraps an “abbr” element around each single provided abbreviation along with the description.

Yes – WoW is a popular game.

When you hover over the abbreviations, the description will be shown just like title attributes do.

Search engines will read the abbreviation and the description which increases the chance for more relevance by specific terms used on search engines like Google.

If you want to add a custom style to the abbr element – use CSS.

abbr {
    text-decoration: underline;

How to use ?
Just download the package and upload it by using the “Plugins” section in your WordPress admin panel – or by placing it in your WordPress plugin folder through FTP.

Activate the plugin like you always do and find the new page under the “Settings” section in your WordPress admin panel. Fill in the desired Abbreviation, the description of this abbreviation and (optional) the language.

Due to hypertext references and other probable resources/bookmarks – this plugin only wraps the “abbr” element around abbreviations with an white space on the left and on the right side of the abbreviation – just like real text. This is done to be sure it’s really an abbreviation and not an hypertext reference, bookmark or other source.

Version 1.0
Initial release.

Version 1.1
Respect existing abbreviation elements – thanks for the input KillerSneak

Abbreviations for Wordpress
Abbreviations for Wordpress
Version: 1.0
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  1. KillerSneak says:

    Will this have any interference with the abbreviations I have already added to my posts?


    where I already have an abbreviation attached to DICE.

  2. TheWriter says:

    No – The abbreviation used in your post will not be touched – unless you have white spaces on both sides of the abbreviation when wrapped in the abbreviation element.

    worst case scenario: Double elements.

    However – this plugin needs to check for already existing abbreviations. Will be fixed in the next release.

  3. TheWriter says:


    Fixed – the plugin will now respect existing abbreviation elements.

  4. KillerSneak says:

    Great Ill give this plugin a try asap.

  5. KillerSneak says:

    One more question about the plugin before I start updating my website again. Is the plugin case sensitive?

  6. TheWriter says:

    Plugin is case-insensitive. You want an case-sensitive plugin ?

    I found a little flaw in the pattern used for matching strings characters.
    So – i have to update. Is there any need to change the sensitivity ?

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